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Welcome to the Super Mario club!


Tired of Mario groups flooded by princess-porn and fan characters? Well, this is the place for you!

This Super Mario group will be accessible to all age groups, and all artistic levels, so join in and have fun!


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Alright! I'm going to begin putting together the final mural now.

:star: Subject

For this collab, we will be drawing all the Mario and friends in as many suits we can!
I've added a lot of options, and I may add more as time goes on if we need more.

:iconattention-plz: PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE SIGNING UP! I don't want you to draw a character and not be allowed in because you missed a rule. ;_;

:bulletyellow: You may now take more than one character if you can snag one.

:bulletyellow: You will have one month from when you sign up to finish your suit. There will be no extensions. I will no longer accept any excuses. You'd be surprised how often scanners break around due dates. You can blame those people for my non-leniency. BUT you have a whole month. Really, why do you need to make excuses? Just take a day to have fun drawing a Mario character!

:bulletyellow: We will mostly be drawing Mario Suits for this collab, but I’ve also added some other characters as well where canonically possible.

:bulletyellow: You don't have to be part of the group to join in the collaboration, but it's HIGHLY recommended at least for the duration of the collab because if I have any updates or new rules, I'm going to send the message here.

:bulletyellow: Any Mario suit can only be in the collab once. In other words, if someone has already taken one, you can’t sign up for it again.

:bulletyellow: When we're done, Zimeta will put together all the individual characters onto one big mural, much like her previous collabs:

Disney Villains Collaboration by Zimeta Disney Guys Collaboration by Zimeta

:bulletyellow: Traditional or digital mediums are fine.

:bulletyellow: Please do NOT watermark your character or put your signature all over it. If you must watermark it, please send me a version without it to my e-mail:

:bulletyellow: No OCs.

:bulletyellow: Your artwork for this collaboration must be new and created after you signed up for a suit. Where's the fun in using an old artwork?

:bulletyellow: Any pose is fine as long as it's not vulgar. Anything from jumping to sitting is just perfect.

:bulletyellow: Do not do your own version of a suit. You MUST use the original design. You're allowed to draw them in your own style, though. In fact, we encourage you to use your own style over doing a carbon copy of a character. You're also allowed to embellish the design if you want. Just as long as they still look like them.

:bulletyellow: Preferably, you should draw the Mario characters in similar proportions to how they appear in the game because that's what most people will be doing. It'll be kinda weird if we get a whole group of the Mario characters in their tanooki suits with Mario proportions except for say one six foot tall Luigi. Not a requirement, but a very good idea.

Examples of different styles with classic Mario proportions: (basically only a few heads high)
Super Mario Bros. by Air-City Super Plumber Mario by TheLandoBros Super Mario Bros by GdGreat

Examples of not-so Mario proportions. Great art, but not really what we're looking for with this collab:
Super Killer Mario by JeremiahLambertArt Super Smash Bros: Remixed  - Mario Fireball! by andrewdoma super mario bros by artnerdx

:bulletyellow: Preferably, an action pose would be nice since in the final version of this image I'm going to make a sidescrolling background with the characters going through it. Jumping, kicking, punching, using their various abilities are all good ideas. Again, not required, but if you want your work to stand out this is a good idea.

:bulletyellow: When you make your character, you must draw him/her/it on a blank background. That means either plain white or transparent. (Transparent is preferred, but I know not all of you have that ability, so white is fine too.)

If you use photoshop, but don't know how to make transparent backgrounds, I've made a tutorial for you:

Making a Transparent Background in Photoshop by Zimeta

If you use Photofiltre, but don't know how to make transparent backgrounds, here's a tutorial for you:

Transparent Background with PhotofiltreFor the last Disney Collab at, I wasn't able to put a transparent background, which pi***d me off rather a lot... I saw much advice on how to do it with softwares I didn't have... but at the same time I was perfectly happy with my freeware, Photofiltre... after a bit of research, I finally found a very easy-to-follow tutorial for this... so in case it can help someone else, I'm gonna put the link and the translation (the tutorial is in French) here...
here is the link:
and the translation (if you look at the pictures on the tutorial while reading, it becomes pretty clear):
1. this step simply explains that Photofiltre is free, where to download it and how to open a file... I don't think this needs to be translated
2. select the "magic wand" tool.
-Then click on the plain background like seen on the picture
- you'll see that everything is selected, but the chara ... but t

:bulletyellow: If you add lighting to your character, the light source must be in the upper-right. Lighting is not a requirement.

:bulletyellow: Do not give your character a drop shadow! (A shadow on the ground cast by your character) I'll be adding the shadows myself when I add your character to the background I will make.

:bulletyellow: Your character must be drawn full body. <<< SUPER IMPORTANT

Here's the basics for a visual representation:

:bulletyellow: You will only be able to sign up for one suit at a time. You will have one month to complete your drawing of Mario in that suit. If you don't complete your character within one month, you will be dropped, and you won't be able to sign up for that suit again.

:bulletyellow: People signed up for a required suit will be allowed to take a first come first serve character as well, but use your time wisely because you'll still only have a month to do both.

:bulletyellow: The higher resolution you submit your picture, the better! Please make it at least 500 pixels in width. If you draw your picture too tiny, it’ll have to be in the background.

:bulletyellow: Feel free to draw your character holding common Mario items/props - mushrooms, fireflowers (but don't change their color scheme), badges, etc.

:bulletyellow: For submitting, you can either just submit your picture to DA, or you can e-mail it to Make the title of your e-mail "Mario Collab", so that I recognize it.
If you submit it to DA, please submit it to our Mario Suits Collab folder in the group gallery.

:bulletyellow: If you really want to make a background for your image, be my guest. But, you MUST have a backgroundless version for me to use.

:bulletyellow: DO NOT draw your character on lined paper! If you do, I won't accept it.

:bulletyellow: You CANNOT USE BASES to make your character. Your art must be all your own.

:bulletyellow: Do *not* overly sexualize the female characters (or male characters for that matter). Keep them as they appear in the games. Do not add boobs to suits that don’t have boobs. :shakefish:

:bulletyellow: You're not allowed to trace an official Nintendo screenshot/render of your character. Again, your work must be your own.

:bulletyellow: Your character MUST be in color unless your suit/clothing comes from a black and white Gameboy game.

:bulletyellow: You can do only one First-come-first-serve character. I may expand that number depending on how many remain unclaimed after a few weeks.

You will have one month from the day you sign up to finish. If you don't finish on time, your suit will be put back in the pile, and you won't be able to sign up for it again.
THERE ARE NO EXTENSIONS. Use your time wisely!

And the final day of the collab will be November 30th

:star::star:THE LIST:star::star:

If you forgot what a certain suit looks like, please take a gander at the Super Mario Wiki.

Bold = claimed. Please don’t ask for characters who’re already claimed!
Strike= Failed to turn in
:bulletred: = still needs someone to claim!

:star: Bidding Suits :star:

These are the only suits that’re NOT first come first serve. The people who’re running the collaboration are choosing who gets them. If you’re interested in one of the ones who aren’t taken yet, leave a comment. But, also be sure to claim one that isn’t in this section in case you don’t get them. C: I’ll decide in a few days who gets what from the required list.
If you manage to win your bidding character, then you get to draw it along with your chosen first come first serve character.

** Bee Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) -- KelpGull -- Finished

** Cat Mario (Super Mario 3D World)-- HG-The-Hamster -- Finished

** Cat Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- KiiroiKat -- Finished

** Cloud Mario (Mario Galaxy 2) -- faster-by-choice -- Finished

** Flying Squirrel Mario (New Super Mario Bros U) -- 3DylanStar -- Finished

** Frog Mario (Super Mario Bros 3) -- FroggyFroo -- Finished

** Penguin Mario (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- cmsimeon589 -- Finished

**  Propeller Mario (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- Chivi-chivik -- Finished

** Raccoon Mario (Super Mario Bros 3) -- NintendoGamer5000 -- Finished

** Tanooki Mario (Super Mario Bros 3) IceCreamLink -- Finished

:star: Suits for first come first serve :star:

** Bee Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy) -- MellowSunPanther -- Finished

** Boo Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) -- CloTheMarioLover -- Finished
** Boo Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy) -- MudSaw -- Finished

** Boomerang Mario (Super Mario 3D Land) -- NeoZ7 -- Finished
** Boomerang Luigi (Super Mario 3D World) -- Admin2845 -- Finished
** Boomerang Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- megadaisy1 -- Finished
** Boomerang Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- kirby1196 -- Finished
** Boomerang Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- PinkVanillite -- Finished

** Bunny Mario (Super Mario Land 2) -- cmsimeon589 -- Finished

** Caped Mario (Super Mario World) -- DJ-Mika -- Finished
** Caped luigi (Super Mario World) -- L1701E -- Finished

** Cat Luigi (Super Mario 3D World) -- NebulaWords -- Finished
** Cat Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- MightyBiteySnake -- Finished
** Cat Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- Quartette -- Finished

** Cloud Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy 2) -- Iwatchcartoons715 -- Finished

** Fire Mario (Super Mario Bros)(Red overalls version, white cap version) -- Villaman89 -- Finished
** Fire Mario (Super Mario Land 2 – feather version) -- starhavenstudios -- Finished
** Fire Luigi (Super Mario Bros) -- KenysuStar -- Finished
** Fire Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- NintendoGamer5000 -- Finished
** Fire Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- NintenDash -- Finished
** Fire Toad  - Blue (Super Mario 3D World) -- sJibbi -- Finished
** Fire Toad  - Yellow (Super Mario 3D World) -- HG-The-Hamster -- Finished

** Flying Mario/Red Star Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) -- LateSketch -- Finished
** Flying Luigi/ Green Star Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy) -- FroggyFroo -- Finished

** Flying Squirrel Luigi (New Super Mario Bros U) -- Iguruwashi -- Finished
** Flying Squirrel Toad - Blue (New Super Mario Bros U)-- Vince-Dixon -- Finished
** Flying Squirrel Toad - Yellow (New Super Mario Bros U) --cmsimeon589 -- Finished

** Fox Luigi (Super Mario 3D World) -- SilverBlue-Neko -- Finished
** Frog Luigi (Super Mario Bros 3) -- Fawful92 -- Finished

** Gold Mario (New Super Mario Bros 2) -- GSVProductions -- Finished
** Silver Luigi (New Super Mario Bros 2) -- Admin2845 -- Finished

** Goomba’s Shoe Mario (Super Mario Bros 3) -- MistyTang -- finished
** Goomba’s Shoe Luigi (Super Mario Bros 3) -- Drauxia -- Finished

** Hammer Mario (Super Mario Bros 3) -- Vince-Dixon -- Finished
** Hammer Suit Luigi (Super Mario Bros 3) -- LittleSakis-Aubade -- Finished

** Ice Mario (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- CloTheMarioLover -- Finished
** Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy version – the actually turned into Ice one) -- Villaman89 -- Finished
** Ice Luigi (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- RadSpyro -- Finished
** Ice Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy version – the actually turned into Ice one) -- MudSaw -- Finished
** Ice Toad - Blue (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Ice Toad - Yellow (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- Sarbet -- Finished

** Ice Skate Mario (Super Mario 3D World) -- Chivi-chivik -- Finished
** Ice Skate Luigi -- SMALFLP -- Finished
** Ice Skate Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- Divine-Princess -- Finished
** Ice Skate Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- Stolen-Dreamer -- Finished
** Ice Skate Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- sweet-misery788 -- finished

** Lucky Cat Mario -- Super100Miki -- Finished
** Lucky Cat Luigi (Super Mario 3D World) -- Chivi-chivik -- Finished
** Lucky Cat Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- TutanTurkeyTail -- Finished
** Lucky Cat Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World)  -- princesseclairtippi -- Finished
** Lucky Cat Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- KiiroiKat -- Finished

** Metal Mario (Super Mario 64) -- GamerFox0255 -- Finished
** Metal Luigi (Super Mario 64 DS) -- Admin2845 -- Finished
** Metal Wario (Super Mario 64 DS) -- 13lackout -- Finished

** Penguin Luigi (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- Jellybabiebunny -- Finished
** Penguin Toad -- Blue (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- GracefulTatiana1897 -- Finished
** Penguin Toad -- Yellow (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- Sarbet -- Finished

** Power Squirrel Mario (New Super Mario Bros U) -- MrBowz -- Finished
** Power Squirrel Luigi (New Super Mario Bros U) KunehoKun
** Power Squirrel Toad -- Blue (New Super Mario Bros U) -- RadSpyro -- Finished
** Power Squirrel Toad -- Yellow (New Super Mario Bros U) -- LateSketch -- Finished

** Propeller Luigi (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- Brotendrawer -- Finished
** Propeller Toad - Blue (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- ninpeachlover -- Finished
** Propeller Toad - Yellow (New Super Mario Bros Wii) -- kirby1196 -- Finished

** Raccoon Luigi (Super Mario Bros 3) -- Millenium-Lint -- Finished

** Rainbow Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) -- faster-by-choice -- Finished
** Rainbow Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy) --  Brotendrawer -- Finished

** Rock Mario (Mario Galaxy 2) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
** Rock Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy 2) -- Browa123 -- Finished

** Shell Mario (New Super Mario Bros DS) -- Brotendrawer -- Finished
** Shell Luigi ( New Super Mario Bros DS) -- Iwatchcartoons715 -- Finished

** Spring Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) -- Umbra-Heart -- Finished
** Spring Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy) --  starhavenstudios -- Finished

** Super Mario Maker Mario (Construction Outfit) (Super Mario Maker) -- DrCaptPepperGirl -- Finished

** Superstar Mario (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island) -- JewFro29 -- Finished

** Tanooki Luigi (Super Mario Bros 3) -- SilenZahra -- Finished
** Tanooki Peach (Super Mario 3D World) -- KelpGull -- Finished
** Tanooki Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- DIVISION-6 -- Finished
** Tanooki Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- QualityQario -- Finished

** Wing Mario (Super Mario 64) -- ratscout -- Finish

** White Tanooki Mario (Super Mario 3D World) -- Zimeta -- Finished
** White Fox Luigi (Super Mario 3D World) -- SniperGYS -- Finished
** White Tanooki Peach (Super Mario 3D World) --  CloTheMarioLover -- Finished
** White Tanooki Rosalina (Super Mario 3D World) -- fanime1 -- Finished
** White Tanooki Toad (Super Mario 3D World) -- FelixToonimeFanX360 -- Finished

:bulletblue: Other? :bulletblue:
Don't ask just yet. We're going to see how fast we can get all these fellas done!

Or, if you want a challenge, just ask for a random character and I'll sign you up for one. (Please don't ask for a random one if you're not really up for it! I've done this in the past and 50% of people ended up cowering out of it)
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